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About us

The company of Euro Security Labels and Packaging s.r.o. has been offering since its inception a thorough protection of products, goods and documents.
Our company produces very technically advanced products in this area and renders advice and full logistic services. Our company offers sophisticated technical solution meeting the most demanding requirements for safety, quality and precision of design.
Our products protect and mark items like tickets, foodstuffs, computers, cash registers, automobiles and locomotives.
Easy to recognize, difficult to counterfeit Euro Security Labels and Packaging s.r.o. protection solutions are the result of long term development in high-level security features. We understand what it takes to stay ahead of counterfeiters and our solutions are developed to provide extremely high counterfeit resistance for the life cycle of a products.
Euro Security Labels and Packaging s.r.o. supplies a wide range of security features ranging from features for easy public recognition to covert forensic features.
As the company name suggests, we primarily focus on the consistent protection of products, goods, documents and valuables, their security and comprehensive protection solutions.
Our products and solutions meet the most demanding requirements for safety, durability, quality and design.
We deliver and offer solutions, applications and logistics, provide advice.

We produce:

-Self-adhesive seals and seals, guarantee,  security, security and registration

-Self-adhesive closures for security sealing of cash desks, safes, electronic devices, etc., which comply with Acts 215/2005 Coll. (CR) and No. 59/1995 Coll. (SR) .and their current wording.

-Protected prints, Shares, Trade marks

-Identification bracelets with security

-Holograms, holographic self-adhesive seals and seals.

-We produce COA and COC  with security and holographic protection
-Safe cards, tickets, tickets, vouchers, scratch checks and variable alphanumeric codes or images (for competitions, promotions etc.)

-We apply protective elements to prints, documents, plastic cards, plastics and various other products according to the needs and requirements of our clients


We produce further:

  • Technical adhesive labels

– built according to customer’s wishes and needs

– highly resistant to very heavy and outdoor environments

– with logistic and variable data and cover layer

– with integrated holographic protection for easy identification

– with RFID

– abrasion resistant

– for direct laser description

– for industrial records



We also produce:

-Special Identification Labels
-Luxury labels
-Luxury boxes
-Tin labels
-3D labels with full plastic relief design.
The use of holograms produced Electron lithographer origination allows Euro Security Labels and Packaging s.r.o. to create holographic images in extremely high resolution.
Our company presents revolutionary innovation holographic printing dust , in anti-counterfeit protection, microscopic holograms, particles produced in variable shapes and sizes, originated high resolution holographic image securing the authenticity. Our products protect and designate corporate and national interests across a wide range of human activities.
Gradually and naturally, we have expanded our activities from the production of protective elements, complete logistics in the field of brand protection, distribution and protection of packaging, marking, marking, identification, sealing, packaging and various special printing products for engineering, elektrical and energetical, glass or food industry, but also the entertainment and marketing industry